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Readers believe in advertisements, rather than in reports

The traditional research Listening Post, performed by the agency Standard, Ogilvy & Mather, listened to 400 family heads and 400 housewives, in seven major capitals in Brazil, during September 1994, and the conclusion was that the credibility of the Press is small when compared with publicity, radio, and even the Army. The question " You trust in ...", received the following answers : (52%) trust in advertisement, (39%) in press reports. Large companies/entrepreneurs are below the press only two percentage points. Refer to the items listed at right.

The research was performed by a publicity agency which included its activities in the research, and this is a relevant factor. However, performed in 1990, 91, and 92, its results correspond to the results obtained by independent institutes. A research performed in 1993, by Ibope, showed that newspapers and magazines had not the same credibility of the banks - 22% vs. 28%, and this result suggests the Brazilians believe in what they read in bank statements, rather than in newspapers. In the research Listening Post, banks reached a lower position when compared with the results obtained by Ibope.