The Instituto Gutenberg has the following objectives:

To exalt the freedom of press as a democratic value of the society.
To divulge rules of ethics and professional care adopted in other countries.
To discuss whether a democratic system admits, or not, a law of publications.
To include in specific or common legislation a rite to guarantee the right to an easy an immediate reply.
To participate in the edition of books which analyze internal procedures and external limits of ethics related to the media.
To create databases containing manuals of redaction, rules of ethics, laws, copies of legal actions and court decisions from Brazil and foreign countries.
To examine themes such as distortion and treatment of sources of information.
To edit newsletters including remarkable case studies, news about the media and technical analysis of the news.
To sponsor seminars with debates aiming the professional improvement of journalists.
To prepare studies comparing common procedures of the press in Brazil and developed countries.
To make agreements with foreign institutions to exchange experiences.